The volatility has returned and the market’s lost – does it want to go up? Does it want to go down?

No one knows.

If you’ve been paying any attention to financial news, you’ve heard half the analysts say we’re headed higher with the other half say we’re headed lower.

Well, this much is certain – half of them will be right.

Here’s what happened this week!  

Market News


Did you already miss 2019’s gain?

Goldman Sachs thinks you may have missed all the gains 2019 will give us if you weren’t in the markets during January’s rally. The firm released a report on Tuesday stating if you missed the January rally, you may have missed 2019’s entire gain. Goldman predicts slower growth and profits for the rest of the year.  

Is the housing market back?

CNBC sees a soaring demand in housing but suggested the rise may be temporary, due to a drop in mortgage rates that may not stick around, according to their story earlier this week.

If the housing market demand isn’t a blip, there could be increased gains in stocks as housing demand is an indicator of consumer confidence. If it’s temporary, then it’s nothing to get too excited about.  

Volatility is back!

Thursday’s announcement that Trump is unlikely to meet with President Xi before the March deadline sent the markets into a tailspin on Thursday.

The volatility is back in a big way, however remember not to panic, the low amount of volatility in 2017 was actually unusual – this amount of volatility is historically normal.  

Earnings Season Update:


  • Chipotle (CMG) exploded to the upside with excellent earnings. E. Coli? What E. Coli?
  • Disney (DIS) isn’t making as much money from ESPN streaming as it would like plus it will have to spend quite a bit to compete with Over The Top – Are you down with OTT? Yeah, you know me! – providers like Netflix and Amazon Prime’s video streaming.
  • Take Two Interactive (TTWO) reported and the slowdown in video games is very real.
  • Twitter (TWTR) tried to pull an Apple, and then ended up doing exactly that when they told analysts they would no longer report monthly average users, and, instead, would be reporting daily monetizing users (yeah, that’s not more complicated at all).

Get Irked Updates


Roboadvisers versus the S&P 500 – FIGHT!

Over the past two years, we’ve held accounts at two different roboadvisers, comparing their performance to the performance of the major indexes – the S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average and NASDAQ – Are roboadvisers worth it? We found out and now you can, too.

Get Irked “in Play”


Why have we been calling our investments “Trades in Play?”
Let’s fix that!

This week, we’re renaming our “in Play” reports to “Investments in Play” and “Trades in Play” to help differentiate the difference in the approaches by adhering to the old stock adage – Never turn a trade into an investment and never turn an investment into a trade.

Stay tuned later this weekend for updates – and, man, it was a heck of a week.

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