February 8, 2019

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Highlights from the Week


Boeing (BA) was our biggest winner this week, partnering with Aerion, a company developing supersonic flight (anyone remember the Concorde?) with promises of fast trips for business people with huge pocketbooks. The news resulted in a 4.51% bump to Boeing’s stock price in the midst of a market of turmoil.

Take Two Interactive (TTWO) was our biggest loser this week, confirming that the video game industry is suffering from millennials being captivated by the first-person-shooter lap dance that is Fortnite. TTWO’s earnings were so bad that it took the stock down 7.44% and pulled it into the red for the year.


This Week’s Moves


Apple (AAPL) saw a resurgence this week. Given that Apple is our second-largest holding next to Boeing (BA), we needed to pull some off the table when it hit $174.81. AAPL closed the week at $170.41, leaving our position up 360.85%.

Boeing’s (BA) extreme gains made it once again the behemoth in our portfolio, resulting in us taking yet some more profits out of this beastie at $403.31 when it started to show weakness. Boeing closed the week at $404.91, with us up 546.99% on our remaining position.

Cypress Semiconductor (CY) remains one of our favorite companies nobody knows with its fingers in nearly every Android cell-phone and a shockingly-high dividend yield, however its strength lately means it’s time to take profits. We sold a little at $15.24. CY closed the week at $14.82 and us up 199.17% on our investment.

Disney (DIS) beat on earnings but its forward-guidance was so bad that we realized we needed to pull some profits when the market looked like it was turning over. We sold some DIS at $110.38. It closed the week at $111.51 and left us up 247.82% on our investment.

GW Pharmaceutical (GWPH) continues to fall prey to the whims of the cannabis market. We sold it not once but twice this week at $144.18 and $148.91 to protect ourselves from the disastrous drop it saw in the last sell-off (it lost nearly 50% of its value!). GWPH closed the week at $146.76 with our investment up 2.79%.

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