The more you pay attention to the market, the less you worry about market-wide sell-offs.

The attention of millions of traders and investors has more in common with a baby kitten getting distracted by the next moving object.

Although I do appreciate CNBC, the need to retain viewers makes finance journalists sensationalize what was otherwise a relatively insignificant event seem huge – Turkey’s entire economy is ~$850 billion – the U.S. economy is $19 TRILLION.

One day, the Dow sees a 250-point drop (closing only ~150 down). Literally the next day, the Dow’s up 300+ because Larry Kudlow confirms we’re in talks with China over trade.

Long story short – you would have done very well if you had treated the last few days as a sale and bought more of the stocks you like.


Click here for the CNBC Story: White House economic advisor Kudlow confirms trade talks to resume with China later this month