After today’s additional declines of more than 500 points in the Dow, 2.08% in the S&P and 2.27% in the NASDAQ plus the news that we’re on pace for the worst December in the markets since The Great Depression (yes, THAT Great Depression), it can be hard to breathe.

This is a good time to read a great article on CNBC about the worst mistake investors are making right now.


“Stop checking your account so frequently!”

We’ve mentioned it before, but this rule bears repeating. If you can’t handle the volatility or look at it as if you can pick up some great deals, stop looking.

Go outside. Kiss your spouse or your pet (or both). Have some fun. Do something else.

Remember, this too will pass (perhaps sooner than later).

Source: This is the mistake you’re most likely to make during market volatility (CNBC)

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