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Trades in Play – February 1, 2019


Highlights from the Week

  AMD (AMD) proved you can’t paint all companies from the same sector with the same brush by reporting earnings that put its competitors Nvidia (NVDA) and Intel (INTC) to shame. AMD closed the week up 11.76% for a gain of 32.77% for the year already. Cronos (CRON) took the edge over Canopy (CGC) this week, crossing the doubling mark since the beginning of the year, gaining 29.90% this week alone! Rite Aid (RAD) tried to play their bankruptcy woes cool, but the market’s not buying (literally and figuratively). RAD closed the week down a whopping 21.24%. It’s now approaching our $0.74 cost basis where we plan to add slightly to this extremely high-risk position. RAD closed the week at $0.7527.

This Week’s Trades

  AMD (AMD): Going into earnings, we somehow snagged some AMD at $18.59 before it skyrocketed into the mid-$20s. We sold a little at $24.32 to take our per-share cost to $17.33, up 41.37% after it closed the week at $24.50. Aurora Cannabis (ACB): We took some profits in Aurora at $7.02, lowering our per-share cost to $5.55. ACB closed the week at $7.40, leaving our position up 33.45%. Corbus Pharma (CRBP): We sold off a little Corbus at $7.44 to lower our per-share cost down to $5.54, leaving us up 32.97% after CRBP closed the week at $7.36. *CLOSED POSITION* General Electric (GE): we decided to call it on GE after they reported spectacular earnings and sold our position at $10.12 for a total gain of 47.7% in a month and a half. GE might have upward potential, but that was a very fast ride up from the bottom and not enough has changed for us to stay greedy. GE closed the week at $10.16. Insys Therapeutics (INSY): INSY continues to suffer on its downward slide. We added to our position at $3.55 and $3.46, lowering our per-share cost to $3.59. INSY’s not done going down, though, closing the week at $3.43 and leaving our position -4.37%. *NEW POSITION* New Age Beverages (NBEV): After seeing the kombucha craze, we’ve been looking for a way to play the space and found NBEV, a beverage company also researching cannabis-based CBD drinks. We snagged some at an average $6.83 per-share cost. Like the rest of the cannabis space, NBEV closed the week up, at $7.13, leaving us with a 4.39% gain. Novavax (NVAX) is seeing a resurgence. We sold some at $2.20 and a bit more at $2.34, lowering our per-share cost to $1.43. NVAX closed the week at $2.32, leaving us up 61.73%. Tencent Music (TME) continues to be a wild trader. After selling some last week at $16, we added to the position this week at $14.44 and again at $13.68. Our per-share cost is now $11.08 with TME closing the week at $13.96 and us up 26.01%. TransEnterix (TXRC) seems pretty stable, bouncing around our per-share cost. We continue to take advantage of the bounces, though, selling some more this week at $2.82 to lower our per-share cost to $2.75. TXRC closed the week out at $2.70, leaving us down a bit at -1.91% on our position.

Speculative Holdings Status

  • Year-To-Date Performance: +15.56%
  • Cash: 76.27%
  • Invested: 23.73%

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