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Trades in Play – January 25, 2019


Highlights from the Week


• As talked about in this week’s Core Holdings Trades in Play, Square (SQ) and Canopy Growth (CGC) both saw continued moves to the upside this week, popping 7.93% and 11.40%, respectively. Naturally, Cronos (CRON) lifted higher, too, thanks to cannabis news.

Yamana Gold (AUY) saw quite the pop this week, reversing its YTD downward slide with a 11.26% bump, closing the week up 8.9% on the year.

Tencent Music (TME) continues to be an incredibly volatile mover. It jumped an additional 6.41% this week, but not without flip-flopping all the way up. We whipsawed back and forth quite a bit.



This Week’s Trades


• Canopy Growth’s (CGC) new analyst reviews resulted in yet another huge up week. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, I took some profits at $47.43, leaving my position up 232.13% from the initial investment when CGC closed the week slightly higher at $48.15.

• Cronos (CRON), CGC’s sister, also jumped like a pogo stick this week. I took profits at $16.12, lowering my per-share cost to $3.57, a gain of 348.46% from CRON’s $16.01 weekly close.

• GoPro (GPRO) saw some upward momentum this week, too. I decided to close the position with an 11.04% gain to move on to a different position (Insys Therapeutics).

• Insys Therapeutics (INSY), a biopharmaceutical company which develops pain relief for cancer patients using opioid-based drugs, is having a rough time of it thanks to cannabis. It got slammed again this week but seemed to put in a bottom around $3.65. We decided to flip our GoPro (GPRO) position in favor of opening a position at $3.75 with additional buy orders set at significantly lower levels. INSY closed the week slightly higher at $3.81.

• Novavax (NVAX) saw a 6.83% pop this week inviting us to sell a little $2.20, lowering our per-share cost to $1.55, up 41.29% from its $2.19 weekly close.

• Square’s (SQ) dropped a bit, hitting our buy order at $68.93 before it exploded to the upside, closing the week at $78.10, up 27.99% from our per-share cost of $61.02.

• Tencent Music (TME) kept us busy this week – we sold some at $15.08, bought back at $14.63, sold at $16.00, and bought in again at $15.31. All this market action resulted in a per-share cost of $5.12, up 201.17% at TME’s weekly close of $15.42.

• Zynga (ZNGA) saw some upward movement this week, but I decided to take my 22.4% in profits and move on. The mobile gaming space is simply too competitive and ZNGA just didn’t feel right in the portfolio anymore.



Speculative Holdings Status


Year-To-Date Performance: +14.61%
Cash: 77.70%
Invested: 22.30%


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