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Trades in Play – January 18, 2019


Highlights from the Week


Rite Aid (RAD) returned from the dead with a whopping 18.76% gain for the week. I have an incredibly small position in RAD due to its volatility and speculative nature, but I am now up in the trade.

Tencent Music (TME) popped 11.24% after the U.S.-China Trade announcement came out. TME completely recovered its Year-To-Date losses, closing the week up 8.55% on the year.

General Electric (GE) continues to edge higher, gaining 1.46%. The smart money is taking their gains and getting out. Although GE had dropped to incredibly oversold levels, that was more than 20% lower and the fundamentals for this one haven’t improved.


This Week’s Trades

• I added to Aurora Cannabis (ACB) when news came out that they’re seeking a convertible loan for $250 million. Although this news weighed on the stock, additional funds for investment are what companies in this sector desperately need. My current per-share cost is $5.91. ACB closed the week at $6.42 leaving us up 8.56%.

• After selling a lot of my Canopy Growth (CGC) last week at $40.00, I picked up some more at $37.62 this week before it continued to rocket higher, closing the week at $43.43 and leaving us up 1,192.56% from our now $3.36 per share cost basis (on a much smaller number of shares).

Corbus Pharma (CRBP) pulled back this week, allowing me to pick up more in the mid $7.50s. My current per-share cost is $5.92. CRBP closed the week at $7.62, leaving us up 28.80%.

Cronos (CRON) saw a huge pop along with its cannabis friends. I took some profit at $14.73 lowering my per-share cost to $7.75. CRON closed the week at $14.85, leaving us up 91.61%.

Novamax (NVAX) pulled back this week. I added to my position at $2.13 and $2.07. My current per-share cost is $1.60. NVAX closed the week at $2.08, leaving us up 29.64%.

Rite Aid’s (RAD) pop caught me off-guard, with me protecting capital by selling quite a bit at $0.86 leaving me with a per-share cost at $0.74. RAD closed the week at $0.98, leaving us up 32.43% but feeling bad because we sold too early and should have waited for the run to edge higher.

Square (SQ) jumped over $70.00 per share this week. I sold the remainder of my position at $68.93 and am now looking to re-enter the stock on a pullback. SQ closed the week at $72.24 leaving us with a total trade profit of 10.39% and wanting to re-enter.

Tencent Music (TME) started moving before the U.S.-China news so we lightened up a tiny bit at $13.03, lowering our per-share cost to $12.31. TME closed the week way up at $14.45, leaving us up 17.41%.

Transenterix (TRXC) continues to jump around our cost basis. We bought some last week at $2.68, sold at $2.83 this week, bought some more later this week at $2.66, and sold some more at $2.86 again this week. We ended up lowering our per-share cost to $2.78. TRXC closed the week at $2.84, leaving us up 2.34%.


Speculative Holdings Status

Year-To-Date Performance: +13.26%
Cash: 76.03%
Invested: 23.97%


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