October 11, 2019

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Portfolio Breakdown

Year-to-Date Performance

Portfolio Allocation



Target Position Size

Current Position Performance

Boeing (BA)


1st Buy 2/14/2012 @ $79.58
Current Per-Share: (-$1,053.52)*

Nvidia (NVDA)


1st Buy 9/6/2016 @ $63.10
Current Per-Share: $29.42

Apple (AAPL)


1st Buy 4/18/2013 @ $56.38
Current Per-Share: (-$77.33)*

Square (SQ)


1st Buy 8/5/2016 @ $11.10
Current Per-Share: (-$35.39)*

Nike (NKE)


1st Buy 2/14/2012 @ $26.71
Current Per-Share: (-$43.25)*

Disney (DIS)


1st Buy 2/14/2012 @ $41.70
Current Per-Share: (-$6.07)*



1st Buy 7/26/2017 @ $167.29
Current Per-Share: $99.50



1st Buy 11/6/2018 @ $120.87
Current Per-Share: $109.24

Logitech (LOGI)


1st Buy 11/11/2016 @ $24.20
Current Per-Share: $32.52

Take Two (TTWO)


1st Buy 7/30/2018 @ $120.99
Current Per-Share: $97.60

Salesforce (CRM)


1st Buy 6/11/2018 @ $134.05
Current Per-Share: $120.10

Citigroup (C)


1st Buy 10/26/2017 @ $74.06
Current Per-Share: $58.35

JP Morgan (JPM)


1st Buy 10/26/2017 @ $102.30
Current Per-Share: $100.77

Amazon (AMZN)


1st Buy 2/6/2018 @ $1,378.96
Current Per-Share: $1,615.85

Kohl’s (KSS)


1st Buy 6/3/2019 @ $50.45
Current Per-Share: $48.43

Berkshire (BRK.B)


1st Buy 8/2/2019 @ $201.96
Current Per-Share: $201.96

Dow (DOW)


1st Buy 5/13/2019 @ $53.18
Current Per-Share: $47.75

Canopy (CGC)


1st Buy 5/24/2018 @ $29.53
Current Per-Share: $19.69

Cisco (CSCO)


1st Buy 8/23/2019 @ $47.60
Current Per-Share: $47.60

FedEx (FDX)


1st Buy 9/18/2019 @ $152.59
Current Per-Share: $152.59

Twilio (TWLO)


1st Buy 8/8/2019 @ $125.71
Current Per-Share: $120.78

Xilinx (XLNX)


1st Buy 5/13/2019 @ $111.57
Current Per-Share: $102.57

Pfizer (PFE)


1st Buy 1/28/2019 @ $40.50
Current Per-Share: $38.54

GW Pharm (GWPH)


1st Buy 7/25/2018 @ $142.28
Current Per-Share: $126.67

* Indicates a position where the capital investment was sold.
Profit % for * positions = Current Gross Profit / Original Capital Investment

Highlights from the Week

Biggest Winner: Kohl’s Corp (KSS)

Kohl’s (KSS) continues to be one of the strangest stocks I’ve owned, bouncing from the biggest loser one week to the Biggest Winner the next, as it did this week with a +9.07% gain. The combo of retail yet being a kinda-discount play makes Kohl’s an odd-one-out and it certainly shows in its week-to-week performance.

Biggest Loser: Canopy Growth Corp (CGC)

I keep waiting for my one crossover not to occupy the same spot on both my Investments in Play and my Trades in Play, but I think I need to resign myself to that never happening. Once again, Canopy Growth Corp (CGC) is this week’s Biggest Loser in both portfolios after the consumer cannabis sector took another punch to the groin as more and more vaping-related victims come out of the woodwork. 

The real irony? Vaping isn’t even legal in Canada, yet, so the entire sector is suffering from issues that don’t necessarily affect it. Go figure.


This Week’s Moves

Apple (AAPL): Profit-Taking

When the markets took off on the news of a potential small trade deal with China on Friday, Apple (AAPL) was one of the companies that flew higher than others, jumping more than 2%. I’m a big fan of AAPL both as a company and as an investment, but when the position once again breached 5% of my portfolio, my trading discipline requires me to take profits.

I used a trailing stop sell order which filled at $235.04, capturing 25.38% in profits from the shares I added in May back at $187.46, and lowering the allocation to around 4.3% of the portfolio – still overweight to my target allocation of 4.17%.

As I said last week, there are certain companies – Apple being one of them – where I don’t mind having an overweight position in the portfolio. Should Apple see a substantial sell-off (as some analysts believe we may see a 20% or greater market-wide sell-off), I will certainly be adding back to AAPL around the $170-180 mark.

AAPL closed the week at $236.21, up +0.498% from where I sold on Friday.

Want Further Clarification?

As always, if you have questions about any of my positions or have positions of your own that you’re curious about – feel free to leave a comment below!

See you next week!

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