June 10, 2022

Get Irked - Investments in Play - June 10, 2022

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The Week’s Biggest Winner & Loser

Take Two Inter. (TTWO)

It’s definitely a rough week when the Week’s Biggest Winner won with less than a 1% gain for the entire week, but here we are. Take Two Interactive (TTWO) locked in a +0.77% gain for the week, and, in this market, that means it’s walking away as the Week’s Winner. Woo.

Dutch Bros (BROS)

Normally, a -17.53% loss would get a stock mocked mercilessly in the update, however, given that Dutch Bros (BROS) had nearly DOUBLE off its lows before pulling back this week, it’s hard to complain. Regardless, Dutch Bros (BROS) nearly -18% loss does earn it the spot of the Week’s Biggest Loser.

Portfolio Allocation

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Target Position Size

Get Irked - Investments in Play - Current Holdings - March 12, 2021et Irked's Pandemic Portfolio Holdings as of June 10, 2022

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Portfolio Breakdown

Get Irked - Year-to-Date Performance - Investments in Play vs. Speculation in Play - 2021 Year-to-Date Performance

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Year-to-Date Performance

The “Baskets”

The Investments in Play portfolio contains a number of groups of stocks called “baskets.” I use baskets when I want exposure to a certain sector, but I want to use more than one stock to get that exposure without giving each individual stock an allocation.

In this portfolio, there is the Financials Basket which includes stocks that provide the portfolio with exposure to the financial sector which includes money-center banks, credit card companies, and investment management firms.

Additionally, there are two speculative baskets in the portfolio: Old-Spec and New-Spec.

Companies in the Old-Spec basket are ones with long track records where I want to have some exposure in the portfolio but I’m not confident enough to give each a full allocation.

New-Spec companies are typically stocks either new on the scene or representing a fairly new approach or sector, where, like Old-Spec, I want exposure but I don’t want a full allocation of any individual company.

Current Position Performance

Apple (AAPL)


1st Buy 4/18/2013 @ $14.17
Current Per-Share: (-$35.15)*

Nvidia (NVDA)


1st Buy 9/6/2016 @ $15.77
Current Per-Share:  (-$12.60)*

Tesla (TSLA)


1st Buy 3/12/2020 @ $111.30
Current Per-Share: (-$78.43)*

Block (SQ)


1st Buy 8/5/2016 @ $11.10
Current Per-Share: (-$75.05)*

Boeing (BA)


1st Buy 2/14/2012 @ $79.58
Current Per-Share: (-$148.35)*

Nike (NKE)


1st Buy 2/14/2012 @ $26.71
Current Per-Share: (-$6.10)*

Logitech (LOGI)


1st Buy 11/11/2016 @ $24.20
Current Per-Share: $11.90

Skyworks (SWKS)


1st Buy 1/31/2020 @ $113.60
Current Per-Share: (-$33.85)*



1st Buy 7/26/2017 @ $167.29
Current Per-Share: (-$39.57)*

Disney (DIS)


1st Buy 2/14/2012 @ $41.70
Current Per-Share: $36.95

Amazon (AMZN)


1st Buy 2/6/2018 @ $69.15
Current Per-Share: $59.25

Dow (DOW)


1st Buy 5/13/2019 @ $53.18
Current Per-Share: $33.75

Meta (META)


1st Buy 9/16/2017 @ $128.58
Current Per-Share: -($295.25)*

Take Two (TTWO)


1st Buy 10/9/2018 @ $128.40
Current Per-Share: $75.60

Berkshire (BRK.B)


1st Buy 8/2/2019 @ $199.96
Current Per-Share: $182.87

JP Morgan (JPM)


1st Buy 10/26/2017 @ $102.30
Current Per-Share: $76.10

Salesforce (CRM)


1st Buy 6/11/2018 @ $134.05
Current Per-Share: $114.75

Visa (V)


1st Buy 5/9/2022 @ $194.00
Current Per-Share: $193.65

Morgan Stan (MS)


1st Buy 4/25/2022 @ $83.50
Current Per-Share: $81.47

Dutch Bros (BROS)


1st Buy 9/20/2021 @ $42.25
Current Per-Share: $37.70

Schwab (SCHW)


1st Buy 4/18/2022 @ $76.30
Current Per-Share: $73.04

Twilio (TWLO)


1st Buy 8/8/2019 @ $125.71
Current Per-Share: $116.70

Roblox (RLBX)


1st Buy 9/29/2021 @ $77.00
Current Per-Share: $46.10

Canopy (CGC)


1st Buy 5/24/2018 @ $29.53
Current Per-Share: $6.25

Rivian (RIVN)


1st Buy 11/12/2021 @ $127.00
Current Per-Share: $59.40

Coinbase (COIN)


1st Buy 4/14/2021 @ $412.47
Current Per-Share: $212.34

* Indicates a position where the capital investment was sold.
Profit % for * positions = Total Profit / Starting Capital Investment

A negative share price indicates the dollar amount of profit for each share currently held.

This Week’s Moves

Amazon (AMZN): 20-for-1 Split

Amazon (AMZN) split for the first time since prior to the Dot Com Crash of 2001 on Monday, giving 20 shares for each share held prior to the split. Professionals will tell you that no value is added when a stock splits, since it’s basically like taking a pencil and breaking it into 20 pieces, you still only have 1 full pencil.

However, in the case of stocks like Amazon with $2,000+ prices, a split of this magnitude enables retail buyers who only prefer to buy shares to suddenly gain access to a previous unobtainable stock. Additionally, a stock split has substantial effects on options trading. Options are priced by 100-share lots of a stock, so if the stock costs $2,000, that is a huge price difference over a $100 stock.

Regardless, Amazon remains in the portfolio. For me, the only change (outside of some math on my tracking spreadsheet) was an adjustment to my buy price target which is now $93.80, at the next level of support below its 2022 lows.

Logitech (LOGI): Added to Position

Logitech (LOGI) once again came under selling pressure when the market sold off on Thursday, triggering a buy order of mine which filled at $57.50. The buy locked in a -38.66% discount replacing some of the shares I sold for $93.74 back on November 5, 2020 and raised my per-share cost $0.95 from $10.95 to $11.90, still a -51.22% reduction from my initial buy at $24.20 back on November 11, 2016.

From here, my next buy target is $51.90, above a past point of support, and my next sell target is $107.90 where LOGI will have outgrown the target allocation size for the portfolio.

LOGI closed the week at $55.16, down -4.07% from where I added on Thursday.

Want Further Clarification?

As always, if you have questions about any of my positions or have positions of your own that you’re curious about – feel free to leave a comment below!

See you next week!

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