The Get Irked Week in Review

Episode 8 – October 8-12, 2018


In the markets:

  • Unless you’ve been living under a rock, the marketwide sell-off following Jerome Powell, Chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, commenting that he believed the Fed would need to “overshoot” rate hikes in order to cool off the economy dominated the news. The S&P saw a 6.46% range from its weekly high to its weekly low, the Dow saw 6.67% and the NASDAQ took the brunt of it with a 6.88% high-to-low range. • In order to fully keep our readers in the know, Get Irked published several updates throughout the week both covering market news and also providing updates on our trades. We also tried to keep Get Irked members aware of strategies and techniques to keep a cool mind and prepare to open or add to positions during the sell-off.


Getting Started – Tools & Resources:

  • We revisited the importance of diversification, not only in self-directed stock portfolios but in entire investment portfolios, as a whole. A diversified investment strategy will include a range of equities, bonds, and other investments based on the risk appetite, age, and intent of the investor. For most investors, Get Irked recommends a blend of self-directed portfolios (if the investor’s interested in self-management) and managed accounts such as roboadvisers. • Inspired by the market sell-off, Get Irked dove into what is a dividend-yielding stock and how does the magic of compound interest lead to greater returns than simply taking dividends as cash. Dividend Reinvestment Programs (DRIP) are an amazing free way to take advantage of compounding returns.


Trades in Play:

  • Trades in Play were huge this week. Get Irked provided several updates throughout the week about strategies and techniques being taken in our self-directed portfolios. The week’s roundup is going to be substantial, once again.

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