The Get Irked Week in Review

Episode 5 – September 17-21, 2018

In the markets:

  • Cannabis was the talk of the markets this week after retail investors went insane over Tilray (TLRY) receiving FDA approval to sell marijuana for medicinal research purposes in the United States. The pot sector saw its bubble blow up big, pop, and start to blow up big again. As always, be VERY CAREFUL if you want to enter this space – literally every cannabis stock is incredibly overvalued right now.

Getting Started – Tools & Resources:

  • We investigated position sizing and portfolio management thanks to a member’s inquiry into the topic. For long-term investments, Irk recommends 80% to core holdings, 10% to speculative holdings, and 10% to cash.
  • We talked about the Three-Day Rule (waiting before making a move on a stock) after we watched Tilray (TLRY) shoot to $300 and down to $151 in the same day.
  • We once again revisiting market sell-offs as a buying opportunity when Trump announced he would be discussing U.S.-China tariffs after the bell on Monday.

Trades in Play:

  • This week focused almost entirely on Canopy Growth Corporation (CGC) and other cannabis plays. Seriously – they were ALL high. The come-down afterward wasn’t pleasant, though…

Future Plans:

  • Per usual, we’ll review our different trades from over the course of this week. This update will come out on Sunday, September 23.

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