The Get Irked Week in Review

Episode 17 – December 10-14, 2018

In The Markets:

  • Like a manic-depressive on an energy drink binge, the U.S.-China Trade War continues to fluctuate between great news and terrible news, creating huge volatility throughout the entire market. It’s a wild ride and no one knows where it’s going to stop.
  • The market jumped around like a pogo stick while we wait for the Fed meeting next week to see if they raise rates. If they raise rates, the market’s going to drop because higher rates means more difficulty for business to borrow money to grow. If the Fed doesn’t raise rates, it means the economy’s weaker than we thought and the market’s going to drop. It’s lose-lose. However, in the markets, two negatives often equal a positive.

Get Irked Updates:

  • Stitchfix (SFIX) reported flat growth early in the week indicating this stock is uninvestable based on Get Irked discipline. We had been holding our position since October to see if SFIX could turn it around, but this report moves the stock from the penalty box to the auction house. We took the loss and bailed on the position while we wait to see future news to determine if SFIX will ever be worth re-entering.
  • We shared a post we found from Marketwatch featuring investing horror stories. These horror stories aren’t intended to scare potential investors, rather demonstrate the importance of maintaining discipline and avoiding shorting the market or trading options unless you absolutely, positively know what the heck you’re doing.

Trades in Play:

  • The volatility creates busy weeks for the Get Irked portfolio positions. Stay tuned to our closed (but free!) Facebook page for updates to our portfolio from the week of December 3-7. Not a member, yet? Join for free by clicking here!

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