The Get Irked Week in Review

Episode 15 – November 26-30, 2018

In The Markets:

Dovish comments from the Federal Reserve led to an end-of-month rally following a Bear Market that felt like it would never end. The Fed Chief believes we may be closer to neutral than he initially thought in October, indicating that a rate hike in December may be the last one we’ll need for awhile. • The pending G20 Summit (now underway) led the market to sideways action later in the week as we wait to see what will come from the U.S.-China Trade War negotiations between Trump and President Xi this weekend. Prudent investors didn’t make any moves late in the week in order to avoid potential downside risk. A binary situation, we’ll see the market either rally or sell off on Monday.

Getting Started – Tools & Resources:

• We investigated how to trade binary situations this week using the G20 Summit as an example of situations with only two outcomes – one that will result in a market rally and the other a market sell-off.

Trades in Play:

• The market saw a decent rally mid-week, however the move has placed the majority of Get Irked’s positions into no-play zones as we wait to see what the weekend will bring. We still had some trades we’ll discuss later this weekend in our closed Facebook group, though.

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