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Why is GetIrked Free?

Get Irked isn’t a business for me – Get Irked is my passion. I believe information should be free to the masses, and that’s why I don’t charge for membership.

Why is Membership Required?

The reason membership is required for Investments in Play, Trades in Play and the Stock Shopping List is simple: I am not a professional adviser. Although I have had great and continuous success in investing, my previous performance does not mean my future performance will be the same.

In other words, my next investment could bomb and lose me (and anyone who decides to copy it) a lot of money.

By joining Get Irked, members must understand and accept that all investors are accountable and responsible for any risks involved in their investing decisions and all investors should consult a certified financial adviser if they have questions pertaining to their individual situations and risk appetites.

Who is “Irk?”

My name is Eric “Irk” Jacobson and I’m the founder of Get Irked.

After decades spent studying and investing in the stock market, I wanted to discuss what I’ve learned, help people learn how to invest, and learn from others.

I find obsessing about investing and finances fun, but I know many, many people do not feel the same way. I want to help try to change that.

I hope I can help you learn something, or, at least, entertain you.

Irk’s Background

I started trading stocks in 1999 – the same year I earned my bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from the University of North Carolina at Asheville (UNCA). I blew out my trading account investing in technology stocks while working at a technology start-up ISP as its Web Development Coordinator – which subsequently went out of business.

After earning a master’s degree in Public Communication Studies (re: statistical analysis) from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University in 2001, I started a computer services company while teaching media ethics and media entertainment at UNCA and investing in stocks.

In 2007, shortly after buying my first house at the height of the housing boom, I moved to the Pacific Northwest, switched industries to work in Public Relations (initially as the Better Business Bureau of Oregon and Southwest Washington’s PR Manager), and got slammed during the financial crisis.

In 2011, I started irx, LLC to provide communications and information technology services to K-12 school districts, nonprofits and private companies while refining my investing skills by managing my own retirement accounts.

Although I research and invest in almost every sector of the market, my specializations are media production (i.e. movies, television, and video games) and information technology (i.e. enterprise software, SaaS, financial technology, consumer & commercial electronic products). The sectors I hold little interest in are therefore my weakest which are oil and healthcare.

For a regularly updated list of my current long-term holdings, visit the Investments in Play homepage. Shorter-term speculative plays can be found on the Speculation in Play homepage.

When not working on irx or Get Irked, I’m an avid video gamer ever since getting my Atari VCS in 1980 and now I love looter-shooters, action RPGs, space sims, and Animal Crossing (no, I have no idea why…). I’m a die-hard motorcycle and car enthusiast. My current garage includes “Firecrotch,” my 2015 Triumph Speed Triple; “Frisky,” my 2013 Scion FR-S; and “Mixxmaster5,” my 2011 Mazda MX-5 Miata. Finally, I also enjoy watching great content with my wonderful and incredibly patient wife.

For content about random topics, check out my blog at irx.productions.

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